Covid - 19 Updates

We will be adding to our Covid - 19 protocol as of May 6th that all customers enter through the back (North) enterance of the store. We will be controling the number of customers allowed in the store at one time and ask that all customers purchasing vegetable starts or flower baskets get a count from a staff member to reduce the number of carts in the store. You will then enter the store with a list of items that you are purchasing.  The clerk will take that list and enter everything in the register and give you your purchase total.  At this time we are not requiring customers to wear masks to enter the store. We are also still accepting cash, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. 
For our Customers that have concerns about Covid-19 -
We have tried to do as many changes and updates as we can think of. We have sinks, antibacterial hand soap, one-use paper towels, more changes & updates. Anyone anxious about coming into the store can call in an order, we will gather it up for them. cash and change as needed. Of course, we have credit card machines available in the store. We have a stylus you can use to enter a PIN or sign for payment and we will sterilize the stylus between customers.
We have no way of knowing how busy we will be as tomorrow as it will be our first day. We will be very "reactive" to whatever customers want and/or need while being very careful to protect our employees.
We think as long as we remember, as they keep saying on the television, "We are all in this together" we will all try to be safe. None of us have lived thru this before. Please, if you have a concern and/or a question, either watch Facebook for updates or call (360) 574-9119. 
Thank you in advance to all of our FANTASTIC cusomters!

Covid-19 - We are trying to be as flexible as we can while we are all finding our way thru these times. Therefore, we will allow:

** Customers in the Market to shop

**Or you can pull into the parking lot, park, and call in to have us bring something out to you. (Please have patience as we will have to get someone to bring it out to you!) Several parking spaces are marked by numbers so that when you arrive you can call in and let us know where you are in the parking lot. We do have a mobile credit card machine that we can bring out to you in the car for debit cards or credit cards