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Our Mission:

To provide quality products and honest service with an agricultural experience for all

About The Owners

Bill and Peggy Zimmerman - Bill, of course, grew up on the family farm and attended Glenwood Elementary and then graduated from Battle Ground High School in 1971.  During High School, Bill worked for other farmers in the area hauling hay and other farm labor, raised his own pigs to market, and started his own Custom Farming Business mowing, raking, and baling hay.


Peggy grew up in the Hockinson area and attended Hockinson Elementary through 9th grade and then all Hockinson students were transferred to Battle Ground High School for the last three years of High School and graduated in 1974.  Peggy's family owned a small farm just out of Hockinson where she spent all of her "play time" as a tom-boy outside with her animals, working in the garden, and planting flowers.   

Bill & Peggy married in 1974.  At that time, we called our business "Zimmerman Family Farms" but didn't think that described what the business was about and around 1985 renamed the business Bi-Zi Farms (pronounced Busy Farms).  

Bill & Peggy have three children - Joe, Amy, & Doug, five grandchildren, and 2 great-grandchild. Doug is a large part of the family farm and his siblings Amy and Joe help whenever they are able. 

Our Facilities


Many of the buildings on the farm are original. The three buildings currently being used as shops were originally chicken houses built in the 1930's during the height of the depression. There were around 13 of these buildings before Bill and Peggy bought the farm from the family. Many of these were in terrible condition and were very dangerous. The big red barn was built in segments. The north half was built in about 1890 and the south half around 1920. This makes the farm a part of the historical list. The store's concrete pad currently on the property was poured in 2000. In 2008 we built a shop big enough to work on tractors and store all the things it takes to fix them. We are working on plans to build or expand some of the buildings to further the capacity of the farm.

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Our Staff

Bi-Zi Farms has an amazing set of staff that loves to work hard but have fun at the same time. Our wonderful team is very close and does an amazing job taking care of the store and our customers. We value their opinions and ideas, often these innovative ideas help our store run smoother and increase customer satisfaction.  Without our staff the farm would never be the same.

Our Family


Bill and Peggy's three children all do their part on the farm. Joe, the oldest, drives tractor during pumpkin patch and is currently working for the Heritage Farm here in Clark County. He married Sadie and had three children, Moriah, Will and Josh. Sadie is the Manager of the farm store. Amy, the only daughter, manages the concession stand during pumpkin patch and works for the Clark County Event Center. She has two children, Anicah and Jarrett. Anicah works in the farm store as an Asst. Manager and is learning how to help with the business. Doug is the youngest and works on the farm helping his parents full-time and year round.

Three Generations


Top Row: Anicah, Doug, Amy, John, Joe, Moriah

Bottomo Row: Will, Kathy, Peggy, Jarrett, Bill, Sadie, Josh

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