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  • How long has the farm been owned by the Zimmerman family?
    The farm has been owned by the Zimmerman family since 1872. Bill and Peggy are the 4th generation to own the farm. Which makes our grandchildren, who work here, the 6th generation to work on the farm.
  • How many family members work on the farm?
    The farm is owned by Bill and Peggy Zimmerman. Their son, Doug, is also their partner. Their daughter-in-law, Sadie (not Doug's wife!), is the manager of the Farm Store. And their granddaughter, Anicah, and her husband, Cameron, also work on the Farm. Several other family members work during our annual pumpkin patch.
  • What does "Bi-Zi" stand for?
    The Bi-Zi in Bi-Zi Farms stands for Bill Zimmerman. When Bill and Peggy were naming their business they desperately tried to come up with a name that included both of them, but could not come up with any that easily flowed and sounded right. Bi-Zi has also become a running joke in the family that in the beginning it was a prayer for busy times, playing on how it is pronounced. Now the joke has turned into a wonderful curse. We are getting busier every year and could not be more thankful, but when those busy days feel like too much to handle we blame it on our name.
  • How many acres are on the farm?
    The farm is 105 acres. We rent another 12 acres from two of our neighbors.
  • How old is Jasper, the donkey?"
    We don't know if donkey-years are the same as human-years or dog-years, but our veternarian estimates that Jasper is at least 35 human-years old. He may even be closer to 40! We don't remember exactly when Jasper joined our family, but we believe that it was at least 18 years ago.
  • What is included in the price of a ticket?
    Each paid admission includes a hay ride, a free pumpkin (any size!) from the patch, admission to the corn maze, two shots at the pumpkin launch, admission to the animal viewing area, and many other activities - such as the bale maze, the bale pyramid, the chore time demonstration, the cider press demonstration, and pedal tractors to ride. Several of our activities have been canceled in 2020 due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. We will add them back as soon as we are able to!
  • Is there a time limit to your stay?
    We will not be asking people to leave after a certain length of stay. Due to the social distancing requirements of Covid-19, we do ask that you are aware of others around you and of how crowded the immediate area becomes. In order to help us comply with the State requirements, we ask that you consider limiting your stay to approximately 3 hours in order to allow others to enjoy the farm.
  • Are we allowed to bring our dog to the pumpkin patch?
    Yes, as long as you use a 5-foot non-retractable leash. We also ask that you bring your own doggie bag to pick up after your pup to prevent others from stepping in their mess! If your dog demonstrates any agressive behavior towards other dogs or humans, you may be asked to remove them from the farm.
  • If it rains on the date of my ticket, can I switch my ticket to another day?"
    Unfortunately, this is not something that we can promise. We are limited in attendance by the State requirements. If all other dates are already sold out, then we would not be able to allow you to come on an alternate day. We have done as much as we can to provide canopies and other covered areas where people can gather.
  • Can I walk to the pumpkin patch?
    Yes! The pumpkin patch in 2020 is located approximately 300 yards down a gravel driveway. We ask that those who walk to the pumpkin patch stay off the driveway to allow the tractors to pass. Wheelbarrows are available for use.
  • Is the farm wheelchair accessible?
    There are many paved or hard-packed areas around the farm. Wheelchairs should be able to maneuver inside the petting zoo and down each of the gravel driveways. We also have a hay wagon that is equipped with a wheelchair lift! The pumpkin patch and the corn maze will likely be too soft for a wheelchair, especially if it has rained.
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